[Mono-list] ECMA help (was PInvoke Conventions)

Bob Salita bsalita@hotmail.com
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:17:52 -0500

> > Though some required action by ECMA.
>How can I help?  By the way, I took the liberty of forwarding on the
>original e-mail from Rhys to the ECMA TC39 TG3 committee.

Sam, you're continuing monitoring of this list and subsequent inputs have 
already been a great help. Please continue. Much appreciated.

We hope you can expedite Miguel's request for a mono or open source 
representative to relevant ECMA committees. There are issues unique to mono 
and open source which deserve representation. I have been trying for months 
(pre-mono) to fulfill a similar role. I defer to Miguel's direction on this 

Rhys seems to be point man on PInvoke for mono-list. We are interested in 
the committee's thoughts on PInvoke interop. Have they gotten that far?

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