[Mono-list] BASIC, Compilers and Salutations

Sebastien Lambla sebastien.lambla@6sens.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 15:47:27 +0200


I did this assumption mainly because a faulty reasoning on my part where :
LGPL component means all LGPL components, GPL means all GPL components. In
fact it seems that the only limitation to linking to a GPL/LGPL component is
to have a recognized free-software license (that's for linking libraries in
the mono library) and enable close-source software to use the library.

My opinion is that the code should definitely be open sourced, but should
not require applications running on it to be open source, and should try to
be compatible to the licenses models of the libraries we are to link to.

Based on this, is there a way to have a license that can link to
free-software (GPL and such) and that can be linked from non free-software
without enforcing anything about source code ?

I just think it seems to me LGPL seems quite restrictive for software linked
to the mono library.

Doesn't help much either, but hey, talking is the best way to go forward :-)

Sebastien Lambla

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I don't see where that is a good assumption, you (or was it someone else,
forgot) showed last night that it needed to be open-source in some kind, but
not neccessarily LGPL (then again, this doesn't help much, hehehe).

Jay Freeman (saurik)

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> problem lies here. If you make the assumption that to link anything from
> LGPL'd component must be an LGPL'd piece of code, then you definitly can't
> Sebastien Lambla

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