[Mono-list] ReplyTo in headers

Michael Poole poole@troilus.org
10 Jul 2001 07:19:17 -0400

"Peter Drayton" <peter@razorsoft.com> writes:

> Could the list admin please set up the list so there's a Reply-To in the
> header, pointing at mono-list@ximian.com? It's quite annoying to default
> to emailing the poster directly, rather than the list at large. Thanks!

Please don't!  http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html lists a
number of reasons it's bad for a mailing list to set (or change)
Reply-To.  I actually like being able to reply directly to the poster
and getting copies of replies to my mail.  For those who don't want to
get copies of replies, I've seen people put "Please reply to mailing
lists, not me" in their sigs.

-- Michael