[Mono-list] On porting to C#

Peter Drayton peter@razorsoft.com
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 19:16:04 -0700

I certainly hope that any attempt to compile Java source into MSIL
opcodes would result in normal CTS metadata with normal IL opcodes,
possibly with one or more supporting libraries. This should give you
interop no worse than, say, VB.NET<->C#, right?

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> Wouldn't you also need to implement a way to expose Java objects for
> languages to use? Unless Java is a first class CLR language, things
> quickly become too problematic.
> >Miguel wrote:
> >    Sam brings up an interesting point: why port existing software
> >Java to C#?  Given that the CLR is supposed to be language neutral,
> >makes sense to make sure that Java byte codes can be executed in the
> >CLR.
> >
> >    The only issue I see is that Java programs will expect a set of
> >class libraries to be available for them to use, and this might not
> >the case for the CLR.  What approach do you suggest we should use
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