[Mono-list] On porting to C#

Bob Salita Bob_Salita@SoftworksLtd.com
Mon, 09 Jul 2001 19:05:50 -0500

Wouldn't you also need to implement a way to expose Java objects for other 
languages to use? Unless Java is a first class CLR language, things may 
quickly become too problematic.

>Miguel wrote:
>    Sam brings up an interesting point: why port existing software from
>Java to C#?  Given that the CLR is supposed to be language neutral, it
>makes sense to make sure that Java byte codes can be executed in the
>    The only issue I see is that Java programs will expect a set of
>class libraries to be available for them to use, and this might not be
>the case for the CLR.  What approach do you suggest we should use Sam?

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