[Mono-list] Patch for gtk-sharp/codegen/defs-parse.pl

David Dawkins david@dawkins.st
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 09:54:18 -0000

Hi Mike,

> > > This patch deals with the '\r' characters encountered on Cygwin
> > > systems where the filesystem is mounted in "textmode".
> Is the sequence encountered \r\n, or \n\r?  Or is it \r instead of \n?

DOS line endings are typically \r\n.

> I'd rather see a single regex like:
> s/\r?\n\s+//g  or s/[\r\n]\s+//g
> than adding a new statement.

That's fine. (My preference was to leave the existing working Unix code
intact and convert the DOS text to Unix text; but I don't care how we fix

> If you have CVS access, feel free to
> commit an updated patch.  If not, let me know the location of the \r and
> I'll commit a fix tomorrow.

I do not have developer CVS access. It would be great if you'd commit
a fix for me. Here is od's view of one of the files:

/projects/mono/anon/gtk-sharp/codegen $ od -c gtk-signals.defs | head -4
0000000   (   d   e   f   i   n   e   -   s   i   g   n   a   l       s
0000020   e   t   _   f   o   c   u   s  \r  \n           (   o   f   -
0000040   o   b   j   e   c   t       "   G   t   k   W   i   n   d   o
0000060   w   "   )  \r  \n           (   r   e   t   u   r   n   -   t