[Mono-list] Patch for gtk-sharp/codegen/defs-parse.pl

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
31 Dec 2001 00:27:47 -0600

On Sun, 2001-12-30 at 15:05, David Dawkins wrote:
> Use this patch instead; minor change to the "s///" expression.

> > This patch deals with the '\r' characters encountered on Cygwin
> > systems where the filesystem is mounted in "textmode". 

Is the sequence encountered \r\n, or \n\r?  Or is it \r instead of \n?

I'd rather see a single regex like:

s/\r?\n\s+//g  or s/[\r\n]\s+//g 

than adding a new statement.  If you have CVS access, feel free to
commit an updated patch.  If not, let me know the location of the \r and
I'll commit a fix tomorrow.