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I don't have a solution for you, but I can tell you that you aren't 
alone with your woes. I decided not to spend days tyring to make it
work and concentrate most of my efforts working on the class lib
which is currently compiled by the MS Compiler and is located in
the mcs subdirectory which does compile on my system. Soon though
I am sure I will have to overcome the cygwin issue.

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Hello all,

	I'm writting you due I'm really having problems to install mono on my PC. 
When I try to install any mono version (12/13/14 Aug) I have problems:

	When I try to run ./autogen script for mono I get and error of libtoolize 
about adding aclocal.m4 to libtool.m4, I search and found the solution 
was adding EXPORT ACLOCAL_FLAGS... but still get the error.

	I added aclocal.m4 content to libtool.m4 but get macros redefined.

	If I try to install mono 0.5 release instead of any mono version 
(12/13/14 Aug) I get another error trying to install libfii-1.20 
(configure: error: libffi has not been ported to i386-pc-cygwin32.).

	Any idea of why of these problems? I hope you don't mind asking thses 
kind of questions  but I've been already a few days losing time with 
these things. I'm an advanced linux user, maybe I have to fix any param 
on my profile?

	Did anybody have such problems installing mono in cygwin?
	Sorry if anyone minds these sort of questions but I have been searching 
for long with no results.

Thanks in advanced

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