[Mono-list] Cygwin

Carlos Villavieja Prados carlosv@cometatech.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 11:30:19 +0200

Hello all,

	I'm writting you due I'm really having problems to install mono on my PC. 
When I try to install any mono version (12/13/14 Aug) I have problems:

	When I try to run ./autogen script for mono I get and error of libtoolize 
about adding aclocal.m4 to libtool.m4, I search and found the solution 
was adding EXPORT ACLOCAL_FLAGS... but still get the error.

	I added aclocal.m4 content to libtool.m4 but get macros redefined.

	If I try to install mono 0.5 release instead of any mono version 
(12/13/14 Aug) I get another error trying to install libfii-1.20 
(configure: error: libffi has not been ported to i386-pc-cygwin32.).

	Any idea of why of these problems? I hope you don't mind asking thses 
kind of questions  but I've been already a few days losing time with 
these things. I'm an advanced linux user, maybe I have to fix any param 
on my profile?

	Did anybody have such problems installing mono in cygwin?
	Sorry if anyone minds these sort of questions but I have been searching 
for long with no results.

Thanks in advanced

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