[Mono-docs-list] Documentation Import format?

Timothy Davis binary.god at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 00:57:21 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm sitting here working on a small OS X app, and I had this idea.  I  
was wondering if it's feasible at all.

My app is a Mono Type Reflector for OS X, (GUI Screenshot -> http:// 
www.binarymethod.com/images/typereflex.png (not complete yet)) and I  
was wondering if there was a predetermined file format that I could  
export so that the user could upload it to the offical Mono docs?   
That way you could work on stuff offline and then online it later.

I see that when I goto the online docs page that it says users can  
edit and then upload...but I have yet to find an edit link or upload  
link.  Am I  missing something?


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