[Mono-docs-list] Documentation Guidelines

Brian Kerrick Nickel brian.nickel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 15:31:48 EDT 2007


Is there an official set of guidelines and formats for documenting .NET
libraries? One of the hardest things I've found about documenting my
stuff (and some Gtk# stuff) is that I'm not sure of the best way to
format stuff and I lack consistency.

I think it would be really helpful to have rules like:

   When describing a constructor use:
   Constructs and initializes a new instance of <see/> [...].
   Where [...] is "with default values"

   or a list describing parameters without using specific type names if
   possible, eg:
      "with a given message."
      "with a given IP address and port number."
      "with a given file name, seek position, and read style."
   OR describing the action the constructor will take with the
      "by reading values using the given file name, seek position, and
      read style."

I think guidelines like that would help the documentation process,
especially for new contributors.

- Brian

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