[Mono-docs-list] duplication question

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Thu Mar 23 07:08:44 EST 2006

Hi, Greg.

Anything in the documentation files that starts with "To be added" is
replaced on-the-fly with the nicer "This documentation has not yet been
written" message (or whatever it says).  So, afaik, there's no automatic
generation of documentation that is meant to be a part of the 'final
product'.  There's an entry in the xml files for every type and member,
as a placeholder for where someone needs to write docs.

> the source for the TcpListener class in
> System.Net.Sockets seems to have documentation in the monodoc xml format
> provided in comments, a la javadoc, but none of that stuff shows up in
> the official docs

That's a fluke.  It shouldn't be in there.

> Also, in the source for the Timer class in System.Timers, all
> methods/properies have useful info provided in a TimersDescription
> attribute, but again, none of that shows up in the official docs. 

That's interesting.  That's to support the System.ComponentModel way of
doing things, but it could be imported into the xml files.  (If you
wanted, you could patch monodocer to do it automatically by looking for
attributes that are or inherit from

> In other words,
> is the stuff mentioned above going to get programmatically folded into
> the official docs somehow

There were no plans to do that, but now that you've pointed out the
DescriptionAttribute, it might be useful to consider using it for
monodoc too.

- Joshua Tauberer


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