[Mono-docs-list] duplication question

Greg Steffensen greg.steffensen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 18:34:29 EST 2006

Hey, I'm interested in contributing to the library docs, but as I browse
through the varous sources, I've noticed that a lot of effort towards
automated documentation generation have already been made, but don't show up
in my monodoc or the online library documentation.  To choose some examples
at random, the source for the TcpListener class in System.Net.Sockets seems
to have documentation in the monodoc xml format provided in comments, a la
javadoc, but none of that stuff shows up in the official docs (for some
methods, the official docs have different text).  Also, in the source for
the Timer class in System.Timers, all methods/properies have useful info
provided in a TimersDescription attribute, but again, none of that shows up
in the official docs.

So, if I want to contribute library docs, should I avoid sources that seem
to have automated documentation efforts already?  In other words, is the
stuff mentioned above going to get programmatically folded into the official
docs somehow, and as such people should avoid contributing docs for them so
as not to confuse matters further?  Or would it be useful to manually start
copying and submitting that stuff via the monodoc browser?

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