[Mono-docs-list] Fwd: [Mono-winforms-list] Exception when using monodocer on System.Windows.Forms.dll

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Fri Dec 22 07:29:08 EST 2006


On Wednesday 20 December 2006 20:21, you wrote:
> Hello,
> > Please don't forget to adapt the makefile to assemble the generated
> > documentation. Right now this is not being done in a generic way, every
> > documented assembly is hard coded into the Makefile.am.
> Am not sure I understand the problem.

I thought of the following lines in the Makefile.am:

mono --debug $(ASSEMBLER) --ecma $(srcdir)/corlib/en/ --ecma 
$(srcdir)/System/en/  --ecma $(srcdir)/System.XML/en/ ...

This is where the assembler is being called, and as you can see all the 
assemblies that are being used have been added to the makefile by hand. So if 
we add more assemblies to monodoc we must also take care to add them here as 
well otherwise they won't make it into monodoc.

> There is something else that we need to keep in mind: it turns out that
> argument names in the ECMA spec are relevant.  They are not purely for
> decorative purposes.
> This is a problem, because early on, we did not use the same arguments
> as Microsoft did, so we will have to go back and fix that at some point.

Could corecompare be extended to compare argument names as well? Otherwise it 
would be quite fun and time intensive to look at each argument name and 
compare them to the MS names.

Kind Regards,
Valentin S.

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