[Mono-docs-list] Odp: Re: www.mono-project.com in Polish

Mariusz Mart mamart at novell.pl
Tue Aug 22 16:20:36 EDT 2006

I wanted to do translation of main page, FAQ, some simple info and MonkeyGuide. Poland is an Redmond country(over 95% of
desktops) and people prefer info in polish. It is not good when pages are in 100% english. I know that it sounds strange
but this country is like that! I'm trying to interest as many people as possilbe in SLED some of them to mono. It is not
so easy :(
The best thing is that when in Poland someone is typing www.mono-project.com is automaticky redirected to
www.mono-project.com/pl/index.html example or to mono.novell.pl 

We should do something to interest as many as possible people in this project!!!

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