[Mono-docs-list] Monodoc print support patch - feedback needed.

Mario Sopena mario.sopena at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 08:45:45 EDT 2005


On 8/28/05, Rafael Ferreira <lists at ophion.org> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> This patch creates a basic infrastructure for printing in monodoc. The
> patch is composed of:
> * docbrowser.patch - Minor changes to browser.cs / browser.glade to add
> printing support
> * IPrintManager.cs - Printing interface to allow for different printing
> back ends
> * GtkHTMLPrintManager.cs - GtkHtml implementation of IPrintManager.cs

It's better to integrate everything in the patch file (just my
opinion). Just use svn add file_name for adding those .cs files and
then, when you make the patch, svn will integrate them. For the
Changelog, label the new files with the word added, so everyone will
know that file was added at that point (look at the other entries in
the Changelog).

Also, the diff to the glade file shows you are including a lots of things like:

+			  <property name="ellipsize">PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_NONE</property>
+			  <property name="width_chars">-1</property>
+			  <property name="single_line_mode">False</property>
+			  <property name="angle">0</property>

that are probably automatically added by glade but are not necessary,
so try to leave them out. You have also some changes to some icons or
images..are those necessary? Can you explain why?


> Currently the GtkHtml implementation is fully functional in all of its
> css-less glory. The lack of css support will cause the printed html to
> not look identical to the "on-screen" html if the user is using the
> gecko rendering engine. This can be easily corrected/improved by
> implementing a Gecko based print manager once gecko-sharp catches up to
> printing.
> As always, feedback is appreciated.
> - raf
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