[Mono-docs-list] Monodoc print support patch - feedback needed.

Rafael Ferreira lists at ophion.org
Sun Aug 28 12:22:22 EDT 2005

Hey everyone, 

This patch creates a basic infrastructure for printing in monodoc. The
patch is composed of:

* docbrowser.patch - Minor changes to browser.cs / browser.glade to add
printing support
* IPrintManager.cs - Printing interface to allow for different printing
back ends
* GtkHTMLPrintManager.cs - GtkHtml implementation of IPrintManager.cs

Currently the GtkHtml implementation is fully functional in all of its
css-less glory. The lack of css support will cause the printed html to
not look identical to the "on-screen" html if the user is using the
gecko rendering engine. This can be easily corrected/improved by
implementing a Gecko based print manager once gecko-sharp catches up to

As always, feedback is appreciated. 

- raf


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