[Mono-docs-list] Q: Problems with monodoc-0.5/0.6

Davy Brion davy.brion@pandora.be
Sat, 6 Sep 2003 16:14:54 +0000

On Friday 05 September 2003 13:27, Andreas Sliwka wrote:
>   What do I have to do to get the monodoc browser running? Grepping
> through the .xml files isn't much fun, and http://mono.ximian.org:8080
> is a bit slow and not good to search ...

yes... it would be very nice if for instance a downloadable html version of 
the documentation existed.  i also can't get monodoc working and installing a 
cvs version of gtk# is not something i plan on doing since i need to use an 
officially released gtk# version for my project (i can't expect the users of 
my program to install a gtk# version from CVS).  I'm glad i can use the 
documentation through http://mono.ximian.org:8080 but it is indeed pretty 
slow and sometimes i'd like to work/experiment with gtk# in places where i 
don't have access to the internet (on my laptop... can't get online 
everywhere i go)

for the regular .NET classes i use the documentation available at msdn.com, 
but for gtk# i really need to have the documentation available since i'm 
completely new to gtk#.   Is it possible to create a html version of the 
documentation which could be downloaded?  Or what does one need to do to 
create a html version of this documentation so it can be used locally? 

Davy Brion