[Mono-docs-list] Several errors (?) in "MonoBasic compiler Command-line options"

Fawad Halim fawad@fawad.net
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 14:28:59 -0600

    Kindly make these modifications against the cvs module mondoc, then 
create unified diffs (cvs diff -u) and send it on the list. That would 
be a lot better than individual changes as the CVS committers won't have 
to search through the source to make the changes.


Manuel Lora wrote:

>In Chapter 5's "MonoBasic compiler Command-line options" I see several
>a) The sample code has // Hello World! : hello.vb, yet the compilation
>line is "mbas hello.cs"
>b) under "Using Targets", mcs is mentioned instead of mbas several
>c) under "Using Targets", un "Module":
>"Serveral module can be compiled to one application." Should be
>d) under "Other Options", the --removentcheks line has a period at the
>end, while the rest do not (repeated in mbas --help)
>e) Under "Using Targets", "Winexe", the sentence
>"This has no effect currently, when used with mono, but this might
>change, when mono will integrate with GUI filemangers like Nautilus." is
>awkward. (this happens also on the description in the C# compiler
>description, also in chapter 5"
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