[Mono-docs-list] Several errors (?) in "MonoBasic compiler Command-line options"

Manuel Lora vanguardist@cox.net
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 12:32:12 -0600

In Chapter 5's "MonoBasic compiler Command-line options" I see several

a) The sample code has // Hello World! : hello.vb, yet the compilation
line is "mbas hello.cs"

b) under "Using Targets", mcs is mentioned instead of mbas several

c) under "Using Targets", un "Module":
"Serveral module can be compiled to one application." Should be

d) under "Other Options", the --removentcheks line has a period at the
end, while the rest do not (repeated in mbas --help)

e) Under "Using Targets", "Winexe", the sentence
"This has no effect currently, when used with mono, but this might
change, when mono will integrate with GUI filemangers like Nautilus." is
awkward. (this happens also on the description in the C# compiler
description, also in chapter 5"