[Mono-docs-list] Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk.Adjustment docs

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
12 Apr 2003 14:43:49 -0400


> However, I'm having a bit of trouble with the ClampPage() function.
> The C docs explain roughly what the code does. However, even after
> staring at the code directly, I'm still none the wiser as to what the
> method would be used for by an application programmer.
> In short, I don't think the C docs for this function are much good, but
> I can't figure out what to write that's better.
> Can anyone provide any insight into this method?

My understanding of the routine is that this method is used to inform
the adjustment what the new "view" of the adjustment should be.

You invoke this function to reset the view range (lower, upper) that
should be visible.  The function will make sure that the current "value"
is visible within this new scope, and that the boundaries include the
specified range.