[Mono-docs-list] somthing about codepage

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
12 Apr 2003 14:26:07 -0400


> there are some chinese words in my cs file.i wannt to use this switch codepage for my chinese words.but i got the flowing messages:
> [root@ec-server tmp]# mcs -codepage:936 test.cs
> Code page: 936 not supported
> Compilation succeeded
> when i run the exe file compiled by MCS under windows,i got the bad code,the chinese words cound not be dispaly!
> what i should do?suppoer chinese?when?

The code that handled this was disabled, as it had a dependency on some
runtime internals.  Since the code is now functional, I have enabled
support for dynamic codepage loading.

You can get this from CVS, or from our next release.