[Mono-docs-list] xml files: <see cref="!:Class.Message">??

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
27 Oct 2002 15:03:55 -0500

The full standard can be downloaded from ECMA at:


It's a 1.8MB Download.

Other formats can be found at:


As for `cref="!:..."', the standard says:

	Error string; the rest of the string provides information about
	the error. For example, the documentation generator generates
	error information for links that cannot be resolved.

In particular, see page 461 of the PDF file (labeled page 447, due to
table of contents and other leading pages).

 - Jon

On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 13:50, Scott Bronson wrote:
> Scattered around the xml documentation, I see constructs like the
> following:
>     <see cref="!:System.UnauthorizedAccessException.Message">
> All the other cref types are obvious, but what the heck does that bang
> mean?  Does it just specify the message field for the given exception?
> >From http://dotnet.di.unipi.it/EcmaSpec/PartitionIV/cont7.html
>   <!ATTLIST see
>    (Informative) cref specifies the fully-qualified name of the type or
>    member to link to. [Note: In this specification, CDATA matches the
>    documentation comment format specified in Appendix E of the C#
>    Language specification.] 
> OK, so I tried to find Appendix E of the C# Language Specification
> online.  It's nowhere to be found!  The C# Language Specs that I've
> managed to turn up all end at Appendix D.
> Can anyone tell me what the cref='!:' means specifically?  Or, better
> yet, can anyone either send me a copy of Appendix E or tell me where to
> download it?  Thanks,
>     - Scott
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