[Mono-docs-list] xml files: <see cref="!:Class.Message">??

Scott Bronson bronson@rinspin.com
27 Oct 2002 10:50:56 -0800

Scattered around the xml documentation, I see constructs like the

    <see cref="!:System.UnauthorizedAccessException.Message">

All the other cref types are obvious, but what the heck does that bang
mean?  Does it just specify the message field for the given exception?

From http://dotnet.di.unipi.it/EcmaSpec/PartitionIV/cont7.html

  <!ATTLIST see


   (Informative) cref specifies the fully-qualified name of the type or
   member to link to. [Note: In this specification, CDATA matches the
   documentation comment format specified in Appendix E of the C#
   Language specification.] 

OK, so I tried to find Appendix E of the C# Language Specification
online.  It's nowhere to be found!  The C# Language Specs that I've
managed to turn up all end at Appendix D.

Can anyone tell me what the cref='!:' means specifically?  Or, better
yet, can anyone either send me a copy of Appendix E or tell me where to
download it?  Thanks,

    - Scott