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Alejandro Sánchez Acosta raciel@es.gnu.org
24 Dec 2002 16:11:56 +0000

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> I don't think it's completely fair to say it has taken another focus.  It
> has simply expanded in focus to include all the different things that fal=
> under the Mono umbrella.  Martin and Alejandro have a lot of Gtk#
> material, and that is not going to be thrown away.
> It is my understanding that all of the stuff in the original GNOME.NET
> tutorial is going to be merged in.  And I will help bring the Mono Hispan=
> Gtk# stuff into this set of documentation as well.

If you cant we can organize to look all the spanish documentation and
translate that to english. Anyway, some parts of that are translations
of english documents like the Mono FAQ and NUnit GuideLine that can be
included in the Mono Tutorial so we can do a simple copy/paste to the

I have been looking the documents and only we can use the introduction
part because the mayority of documents are not finished in spanish,
maybe it would be good only use an index for each section and then make
new english documentation.

This documents would be good to translate to spanish when we have
finished the english tutorial, here, we can translate the documents if
you want.

> Also, from what Alejandro said, there seem to be a lot of other ways to
> use Mono for development than as .NET for Unix or C# for GNOME.  And I se=
> nothing wrong with providing intros and tutorials for all of these ways.=20
> After all, this is the main Mono site.  And here, of all places, it shoul=
> be more than ok to discuss everything related to Mono.

In the Mono site there is good introductions to each section, for
example, the Data Base Providers explain well an introduction of each
provider, then only we have to explain that in detail.

Alejandro Sanchez Acosta

raciel@es.gnu.org			         GNU Spain is not Unix.
raciel@gnome.org				 GNOME the GNU Desktop.

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