[Mono-docs-list] The Mono Tutorial

Felix Faassen flixz@xs4all.nl
23 Dec 2002 23:45:11 +0100

Hi PJ,

> As for calling it Mono Tutorial, I think what we have here is two
> documents: "The Mono Manual" and "The Mono Tutorial".  The first three
> parts of Felix's Table of Contents draft were very manual-like in tone.  I
> think that is what he was shooting for and I agree it is needed.  I'll see
> where I can fit in that part of the work.

This is exactly what I ment. I think the first 3 parts should contain
manual relevant content. Getting first time users up to speed,
What is it, What does it, what does it consists of  etc etc.

Just an idea:

The tutorial or tutorials could be centralized on the mono site.

Further more I really like the http://samples.gotdotnet.com/quickstart/
These are all small tutorial which are task focused. For example
click on "Common Tasks" and you will see topics like:
Make a GET request
Read XML from a File etc  
check http://samples.gotdotnet.com/quickstart/howto/

And all the code samples are in MSDN style  click C# to see C# code,
click VB to get VB code etc.

If something like that  in the monkey guide layout
would exist...  woow :-))

> Also it seems that we are rapidly expanding into a lot of tutorials
> instead of just one?  I guess what I'm saying is that more contributors
> are more than welcome, but we need to be careful we don't lose focus.
I agree

> I'm not trying to bring anyone down, I'm just a bit overwhelmed at all the
> work still to be done, and the prospect of trying to keep it in sync.  But
> I have to remind myself, we've only been at this for less than a week! :) 
> If we work dilligently, it should take care of itself in the end.

The same applies to me :)

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