[Mono-docs-list] The Mono Tutorial

PJ Cabrera pjcabrera@pobox.com
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 18:11:35 -0400 (AST)

Martin Willemoes Hansen said:
> Hi there!
> I see a lot of documentation work going on at the moment,
> the GNOME.NET tutorial, a manual, http://mono.jroith.de/monkeyguide/,
> and more.
> What do you guys think about merging these efforts?

I think that is a very good suggestion.

The way I see this, we could get a first draft out sooner if we each focus
on those different parts we know best.  We can coordinate things on this
mailing list so we don't step on each other's toes.

Besides the Windows Forms chapter and tutorial, I could work with
Alejandro on translating the documentation work already done in Mono
Hispano.  Spanish is my native tongue too, plus I have the benefit of
having studied and lived in the USA for almost 15 years, so my English is
faily solid.

As for calling it Mono Tutorial, I think what we have here is two
documents: "The Mono Manual" and "The Mono Tutorial".  The first three
parts of Felix's Table of Contents draft were very manual-like in tone.  I
think that is what he was shooting for and I agree it is needed.  I'll see
where I can fit in that part of the work.

Also it seems that we are rapidly expanding into a lot of tutorials
instead of just one?  I guess what I'm saying is that more contributors
are more than welcome, but we need to be careful we don't lose focus.

I'm not trying to bring anyone down, I'm just a bit overwhelmed at all the
work still to be done, and the prospect of trying to keep it in sync.  But
I have to remind myself, we've only been at this for less than a week! :) 
If we work dilligently, it should take care of itself in the end.

PJ Cabrera
pjcabrera at pobox dot com