[Mono-dev] app-refl-load

Neale Ferguson neale at sinenomine.net
Tue Aug 29 22:08:08 UTC 2017

I got it to run using:

MONO_LOG_MASK=all MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug MONO_PATH=signed_v2:signed_v1:/home/neale/Mono/mono/mcs/class/lib/build ../../../runtime/mono-wrapper app-refl-load-v1.exe

There is nothing obvious in the debug output for the working versus the non-working cases.

Oh, one other thing: the tests run via the test-runner.exe (*) so if you just set the MONO_LOG_{MASK,LEVEL} vars, you’ll get the loader behavior for the test runner not the test.  So what you really want to do is figure out how the test runner invokes mono to run the test. (Basically --runtime commandinline arg of the test runner is the mono to invoke to start the testcase, --runtime-args are args to pass to it, --mono-path and --mono-gac-prefix are MONO_PATH and MONO_GAC_PREFIX environment vars to set for the testcase).  I should’ve made it easier to just run the bare test, sorry.

(*): the test runner babysits the tests and kills them when they time out, collects output and writes TestResult-*.xml files for Jenkins to consume.
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