[Mono-dev] app-refl-load

Neale Ferguson neale at sinenomine.net
Tue Aug 29 20:13:18 UTC 2017


I see it passing -

--testsuite-name "testing_gac_test-signed-v1-app-mp-unsigned-v1"

--testsuite-name "testing_gac_test-signed-v1-app-mp-signed-v1"

--testsuite-name "testing_gac_test-signed-v1-app-mp-unsigned-v2-signed-v1"

And failing when:

--testsuite-name "testing_gac_test-signed-v1-app-mp-signed-v2-signed-v1"

There’s nothing in the verbose output of the working and non-working cases that differ or give me a hint of what’s not working.



That test is run in a couple of different configurations (see mono/tests/testing_gac/Makefile.am) which try to test loading strongly named assemblies either from the MONO_PATH or from the Mono GAC, occasionally when there are other versions of the same assembly (ie, same simple name, same public key token, different Version) also in the GAC or on the MONO_PATH.
So the first thing to figure out is which instance of the test is failing.   If you run make with V=1 it should print out the exact command that it tries to run.

In any case exit code of 1 means AppDomain.CurrentDomain.Load(AssemblyName) returned null for some reason.

I find it helpful to set MONO_LOG_MASK=asm MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug when running loader tests to figure out what’s going on.
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