[Mono-dev] condition `class' not met

Alex J Lennon ajlennon at dynamicdevices.co.uk
Wed Jul 29 11:34:10 UTC 2015

On 29/07/2015 08:43, Daniel Kuhne wrote:
> > fwiw. You will likely need to ensure that your build of 'mono-native'
> > and 'mono' recipes are both in sync.
> That solved the issue!

Great! Thanks for letting me know. You prompted me to look at the git
support last night as I've been concentrating on other things, like
tracking the Mono releases and refactoring.

There were some problems with the git support, which hopefully I've
addressed in recent commits. Would appreciate any feedback you have on
whether those fixes work for you.

(If you do have comments it might be best to come back via the the Yocto
list so we don't upset the good people here ;)



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