[Mono-dev] gc

Neale Ferguson nealeferguson at verizon.net
Fri Oct 17 15:30:54 UTC 2014

 We were helping someone who was having performance problems with a large
streaming application that they run under .NET and mono. On .NET the app
takes around 7-10 seconds to do its stuff. On Mono on Linux it was taking
47 seconds or so to do the same thing. The mono system had 256G RAM and 48
cores. When they used Mono on Windows the figure was back to around 7
seconds. We suggested they use MONO_GC_DEBUG to try and determine where
they were spending time. It turns out that the old generation scan was
responsible for nearly all of the difference between the runs (i.e. around
40 seconds). How (or does) does the sgen gc differ under Windows to Linux?


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