[Mono-dev] Exceptions not working when embedding mono on Windows

Michele Bertasi m.bertasi at asem.it
Fri May 30 15:59:45 UTC 2014


I'm working to embed Mono on a Windows C++ application.

The problem is that, after the Mono environment is initialized, the C++
exceptions stops to work (that is, they do not get thrown).

The same code on Linux works without problems.

Here is my configuration:

   - Mono 3.2.3 (also tried to use version 3.4.0 built by myself);
   - Visual Studio 2013;
   - I embed libmonosgen-2.0.dll (also tried libmonoboehm-2.0.dll)

The initialization code is pretty straight forward:

mono_set_dirs(libDir, etcDir);
// exception not thrown!
throw std::exception();

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,
Michele Bertasi
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