[Mono-dev] GSOC2014: push-less x86 backend

Andrea Francesco Iuorio andreafrancesco.iuorio at outlook.com
Mon Mar 17 17:41:55 UTC 2014

Hi, i' m Andrea, a forth year student in Computer Science from Milan that would like to apply for a Mono project at the GSOC 2014. More precisely, i want to apply for for "push-less x86 backend". I have some experience in compiler and virtual machine thanks to my thesis but it was about bytecode generation and JVM, so i don' t have any real experience with CLI but i know x86 asm ( my thesis included a c-like compiler for x86 ). I have some questions:

1) I never worked with mono: do you accept only people who have worked already on mono  or could you accept new students ?
2) Just a quick recap for seeing if i understand the project: you want to modify the x86 JIT compiler to use a fixed stack frame + mov operations for data gathering instead of using push/pop. Correct ? So i think that JIT simply see x86 stack as the CLI operational stack and this is the problem since x86 isn' t a stack machine and must generate more push/pop operations for really use the data. This is the problem that this project want to solve, if i get it right. Correct ?
3) What types of skills do you search for this project ?

Thank you for your time.

Andrea Francesco Iuorio
Student in Computer Science, Università degli Studi di Milano
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