[Mono-dev] Compiling a C# project with Xamarin Studio + MonoRuntime does not work.

Vardar Sahin sakirsoft at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 10:10:09 UTC 2014

Here a list of the assemblies which I use. I am not using referencing two
version of the same assembly.
[image: Inline-Bild 1]

The interesting part is that it compiles fine with the MS .Net compiler and
it also compiles fine with XamarinStudio 4.1.9 + Mono Compiler. Its also
compiles with the new version of Xamarin Studio when I choose .NET 3.5
Client profile as the target framework. But when I choose "Mono / .NET 3.5"
i get this error.

*Error CS0433: The imported type `System.Action<T1,T2>' is defined multiple
times (CS0433) (ShugenDoEngine)*

Another problem even when its compile with the ".NET 3.5 Client profile" is

*C:\Program Files (x86)\Mono-3.2.3\lib\mono\4.0\Microsoft.Common.targets:
Error: Access to the path
is denied.  at System.IO.File.Delete (System.String path) [0x00000] in
<filename unknown>:0 *
*  at Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Copy.CopyFile (System.String source,
System.String dest, Boolean create_dir) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 *
*  at Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Copy.Execute () [0x00000] in <filename
unknown>:0  (ShugenDoEngine)*

This error also does not occur in XamarinStudio 4.1.9 and also does not
occur with Visual Studio. I will try to create a test case which simulates
my project.


2014-04-20 18:32 GMT+02:00 Juan Cristóbal Olivares <cristobal at cxsoftware.com

> Which assemblies are you referencing? Are you sure you are not referencing
> two versions of the same assembly?
> On Apr 20, 2014 1:23 PM, "Vardar Sahin" <sakirsoft at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I have a C# project which compiles just fine with Visual Studio. It also
>> compiles when I use Xamarin Studio and the .Net runtime. But when I choose
>> to use the MonoRuntime it does not compile anymore.
>> I am using the current version of Xamarin Studio ( 4.2.3 ). Interesting
>> is that when I use an older Version of Xamarin Studio ( 4.1.9 ) +
>> MonoRuntime it works.
>> I am on Windows and use the latest stable version of mono ( 3.2.3 ).
>> The compiler error I get is the following.
>> *Error CS0433: The imported type `System.Action<T1,T2>' is defined
>> multiple times (CS0433) *
>>  Also I have a Warning like this
>> *Warning CS1685: The predefined type
>> `System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExtensionAttribute' is defined multiple
>> times. Using definition from `mscorlib.dll' (CS1685) *
>> The signature of the function where the error occurs is this.
>> *private void ApplyCollision(ulong goId, CollisionData data,
>> Action<ICollisionListener, Collision> func)*
>> Any ideas how to fix this?
>> Best
>> Sahin
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