[Mono-dev] Problem with Mono 3.4.0 and config appSettings on ARM target

Alex J Lennon ajlennon at dynamicdevices.co.uk
Mon Apr 21 08:01:52 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've encountered a problem with an application I was running on an ARM
VFP (i.MX6) target
under 3.2.8, which now fails under 3.4.0.

The error reported is related to a problem with the configuration file
and in particular the
<appSettings> element,

I have reduced it down to a simple test case as follows,

Program.cs (compiled to Program.exe)

namespace DynamicDevices
  public class ConfigTest
    static void Main()
      // NB. Both old deprecated method and new method of obtaining
configuration values fail
      var v =
//      var v =

      Console.WriteLine("Config key: " + v);


    <add key="testkey" value="testval" />

The above runs under 3.2.8 on an x86 target or an ARM VFP target

It also runs under 3.4.0 on an x86 target but when I run on an ARM VFP
target I get the following

Unhandled Exception:
System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Error Initializing
the configuration system. --->
System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Unrecognized
configuration section <appSettings> (/home/root/Program.exe.config line

<snip/> See: http://pastebin.com/GDKTftr4 for the rest


Could anybody advise where I'm going wrong / what I need to look at here?

Many thanks,

Alex Lennon

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