[Mono-dev] Compiling for i586 Linux target on an i686 Linux machine

Chris Tacke ctacke at opennetcf.com
Mon Sep 16 21:49:01 UTC 2013

I need to get a 32-bit i586 build of the latest version of Mono to run on an embedded target.

For a build machine I'm using Ubuntu 12 on 32-bit i686 VM.

I have successfully pulled the Mono sources and built them using the default configuration, and the resulting Mono binaries work just fine ion an i686 machine.  When I attempt to run on an i586 machine, I get an error that simply says "Illegal instruction"

I assume that I need to cross-compile for i586, but I can't find a --target setting that works

I've tried a few things:

./configure --target=i586
./configure --target=i586-linux
./configure --target=i586-linux-gcc

And I always get an error along these lines (the target name changes with what I send in):

Configure: error: Cross compiling is not supported for target i586-pc-linux-gcc

Is there a known-good -target flag that I can send in to get a cross-compiled i586 output?


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