[Mono-dev] Linux: How to set app icon?

Matt Greer matt.e.greer at gmail.com
Sat May 25 18:58:02 UTC 2013

I have searched all over trying to find how to do this, with no luck.

In this screenshot:


Is our Mono app running along with another Mono app that is running on
Ubuntu 12. Ours has the default Mono monkey icon, and the one next it is
the old man laughing. How do we set our icon like the other app did?

When I peak at the other app in dotpeak, I see it has a Wizorb.Game.ico
resource embedded in it. So I tried that as well by specifying an .ico file
in MonoDevelop (project options > Build > General > Win32 Icon). But I
still get the default icon. My .ico file is a standard Windows .ico and
works fine on Windows.

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