[Mono-dev] Server.Transfer problem with relative path

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Wed Jun 26 23:10:42 UTC 2013

I investigated better in the problem. The error is not inside 
Server.Transfer but in the "action" attribute of the form.
The transfer correctly displays the content of mypage2.aspx but 
showing in site the url "/myapp/directory1/mypage1.aspx". Inside the 
form tag there is the attribute action="directory2/mypage2.aspx" with 
the result that at the first postback it search for a documenti 
inside "/myapp/directory1/directory2/"

I checked in windows framework and the action attribute is like this 
action="../directory2/mypage2.aspx". I also checked an old mono 
version (2.0) and the action is equale to the windows type.

Someone can drive me inside the code to find the right place to fix?

At 17:50 26/06/2013, APS wrote:
>I'm experiencing a weird behavior of Server.Transfer if used with 
>virtual path like "../directory".
>If I'm inside a page with this path "/myapp/directory1/mypage1.aspx" 
>and I launch a Server.Transfer("../directory2/mypage2.aspx") I 
>receive an error saying that 
>"/myapp/directory1/directory2/mypage2.aspx" doesn't exists.
>I searched for a bug entry without success, It's strange that no one 
>have found this problem before, I'm missing something? I'm using 
>Mono 3.0.7 build from sources.
>Thanks in advance.
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