[Mono-dev] Aim of the project "D3.js port to C#"

Larry O'Brien larry.obrien at xamarin.com
Mon Apr 22 19:20:02 UTC 2013

My feeling is that the aim of the project is to provide D3-like syntax and
structure to visualizations rendered either in OpenGL or MonoGame and not
to, for instance, provide a C#-based server-side syntax that is ultimately
rendered as SVG in a Web view.

It seems to me that D3's real contribution is it's model for data-handling
and it's very clean application of functions to those data. This naturally
raises thoughts of LINQ and the desire to find some kind of mapping that
would allow LINQ-based specification of the data and D3-like graphical
rendering: Is there some way to combine the strengths of both technologies?
This may well be outside the scope of a GSoC project, but it seems to me
that it should be kept in mind.

Ultimately, to port D3, you need to be able to construct a data-driven
hierarchical scene-graph and render it onto the screen. Among the critical
features would be D3's data-handling model (enter(), data-binding),
auto-scaling, and it's update model. Those need to be ported well to make a
solid foundation for it's other main features (importantly: layouts and

Just my two cents,
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