[Mono-dev] Mono 2.11.4 released!

Duncan Mak duncan.mak at xamarin.com
Tue Sep 11 17:24:22 UTC 2012

Hello all,

A new Mono 2.11 beta release is now available, this is our 4th release from
the 2.11 series.

You can find the latest binaries here:

The source releases are available here:

To get the latest CI (continuous integration) builds of Mono, check out

Mono 2.11.3 was released in the beginning of August, and in the past month,
we have made over 200 commits.

417ec78 Fix base type definition in repl. Fixes #5913.
551ca84 [System.Core] Fix compare bug in PLinq's Contains implementation
9711161 [System.Core] Remove Max/Min generic indirection
0c825c4 One more typo
b53cc00 Fix typo
c99bb5c Fix #275: "net.tcp://localhost:<port>/<path>" should listen on
f7db37a Fix #5655: Always send HTTP headers for WebDAV methods.
fffedc5 [System.Core] Remove generic indirection for Count/LongCount
f788690 Fix typo
904fc2a Fix typo in directory name
4ceeaaa [System.Core] Fix issue in Join where some data might have been
dismissed by accident
0af8876 [System.Core] Fix ICE for older library lacking contravariance
02d23e2 [System.Core] Remove a source of generic indirection for GroupBy
da6fe24 [sgen] Small data type fix only relevant to unrealistically large
2868983 [sgen] Don't overflow when parsing numbers that are too large.
aad6ec3 [sgen] Report memory allocation failures for internal data and quit.
0aa6338 [sgen] Report incorrect wbarrier setting in MONO_GC_PARAMS.
fbb513c Merge more Mono.CodeContracts changes
124770e Add System.Web.Http.Selfhost assembly
222fd86 Allow any characters after invalid pragma warning
663437c Add missing members
f9e3dfa Merge pull request #452 from alesliehughes/master
e5f5933 Forward to base class
8827ee4 Allow Begin/End Init to be called
f225c1e Add support for About Delegate
5e16d1e AxHost Events arent supported
144bb98 Error out instead of asserting when using the VBByRefStr
marshalling convention without a byref parameter. Fixes #6908.
2c56aac Transform some exceptions thrown by the marshalling code so the
exceptions are thrown when the wrapper is actually called.
79fb03f Document new tracer option.
6198147 Merge pull request #451 from madewokherd/wrappertrace
651408b Fix #5899: WebClient.*Async() now correctly builds the query string.
915f7e3 The new macro abi__alignof__ correctly handle darwin-arm.
b500d6d Merge pull request #450 from madewokherd/excdoc
84f5afa Add trace channel for native/managed wrappers.
5c19e4b Add documentation for exception traces.
e223f97 [System.Core] Fix possible state corruption in
ReaderWriterLockSlim. Fix #6635.
dad9b8e Enable mach support on arm.
6178c8a Reformat some nested ifs
d2e4710 CompareOrdinal quick path cannot ignore start index. Fixes #6553
bc2a63c [System.Core] Returns false in SequenceEqual when the two sequences
size are different
8655c16 Add incomplete params declation to ast. Fixes #6874
e20f084 [System.Core] Remove generic indirection
e06a9eb Propagete hoisted this also from state machines. Fixes #6687
516a087 [System] Fix timeout in BlockingCollection. Fix #6732.
8856e1d [System.Core] Remove generic indirection in ParallelExecuter.Process
cd2f0ea Don't import static members of interfaces. Fixes #6552
f05ce51 [System.Core] Remove generic indirection for ToDictionary
7a049e5 [System.Core] Remove generic indirection for ToArray
db21dd4 [System.Core] Remove generic indirection for ToList
3e27d23 Get rid of some HAVE_SGEN_GC ifdefs from gc-internals.h, it could
be included in the JIT code which shouldn't have compile time dependencies
on GC type.
f5efa86 Transition the minor/major GC stats to the counters infrastructure.
687bb15 Avoid linking libmini_static against any libraries, the executables
link against them.
424237f Better check for intermediate value modifications. Fixes #6763
8cf8572 Avoid disabling the new interrupt machinery when using sdb, it
doesn't seem to be needed any more.
218bffe Build libmono and libmonosgen using a common convenience library as
2b3148f Add a workaround for #5432 to EncodingInfoTest.
a3e93ca [System.Core] Remove a source of generic indirection
b84b2ae Remove some more references to libmono-static/libmonosgen-static.
f3b3e7f Another attempt at avoiding compiling files in mini/ 6 times.
Replace libmono-static and libmonosgen-static with a libmini-static
convenience library, and link mono and mono-sgen against it.
06e55b5 Remove *.exe.dylib.dSYM files too in the mini aotcheck target.
7ce5e0a Allow constructors to be called like regular methods. Fixes #4183
5e35b21 Ensure the targets files are copied for net_4_5 tests
1113782 Merge pull request #444 from knocte/xbuild_improvements
b3fe77b xbuild: fix style in test
428644e Merge branch 'xbuild_improvements' of github.com:knocte/mono into
696f38d Capture async block variable when variable scope yields
5e41a38 Capture iterator variable when variable scope yields. Fixes #6587
c29fc3b Merge pull request #446 from UCIS/master
6e32f2d Expand default parameter array type arguments. Fixes #6679
14c3720 Remove *.exe.dylib files too in the mini aotcheck target.
df8eacc Fix a typo.
d30c777 Add a target to run the JIT GC tests.
d66f3b9 Add a test for #6755.
43317f4 Fix an off-by-one in the computation of the TLS reference bitmaps.
Fixes #6755.
0e5af66 [Microsoft.Build.Tasks] Don't throw if duplicate dependencies are
2e7acd7 [Microsoft.Build.Tasks] Fix several bugs in ResolveAssemblyReference
650671e Get rid of the debug_count () functions in various files, use
mono_debug_count () instead.
8c03903 Print more detailed information about call instructions in
mono_print_ins ().
bb77576 Add a gsctx argument to mono_arch_get_argument_info ().
04856d6 Simplify mono_class_get_runtime_generic_context_template (), call
get_shared_class () in a few places in the gshared code.
6876d58 Shorten some type/functions names in the generic sharing code. Add
comments/debug messages.
33214b0 Add mono_debug_count () helper function to aid in runtime debugging.
2a63257 Add a 'serial' attribute to MonoGenericParam to allow different
versions of a generic type parameter.
d3786f2 Add wrapper info for generic array helper wrappers.
365a621 Fix up the dwarf debug info for trampolines.
0a1a4ee Merge pull request #447 from zyzniewski/master
d8e7d08 call the event after async operation's completed
f35b2f3 Patch for bug #6718 - incorrect release of XPCOM object causing
segmentation fault
74c7296 Incorrect comment syntax was breaking compile time configure check
for large file support
b2fce30 Modified the large file support check to do a compile-time check
instead of a run-time check so that cross compile does the right thing.
ccbee6b [Mono.Data.Sqlite] Use a prebuilt resources file like
Managed.Windows.Forms does.
3e73ee9 Avoid direct access to /dev/shm on some platforms.
ad89f72 [M4A] Do not reset 'errors' and 'status11' when a certificate is
trusted. Fix last part of #5706
3a274aa [OSX|iOS] Do not reset 'errors' and 'status11' when a certificate
is trusted. Use the OS to validate the certificate (as valid for SSL server
usage) and for the host name checks. Fix parts of #5706
684cd28 Fix binding (type) and value error (true) that could lead to error
#5 (kSecTrustResultRecoverableTrustFailure) for valid certificates. Fix bug
ed4894d MSBuild.Engine: use a buildtask enumerator that throws exceptions
f415e91 [xbuild] Fixed Microsoft.Portable.CSharp.targets to use smcs
4cf592d Better error message for ref/out argument mismatch
2097b53 Merge Alexander Chebaturkin SoC 2012 changes
31e9b80 Escape windows paths in DWARF debug info.
398f60a Merge pull request #435 from mono-soc-2012/svick/dataflow
076a2f2 Fixed race condition in Receive()
b4c834e Project file changes by Visual Studio
aa8665f Fixed race condition in race condition test
2c25c41 Finished adding documentation for non-public types and methods
06bcfa0 Removed nonsensical lock
96b8ce4 Correctly implemented Choose()
890de4e Started adding documentation for non-public types and methods
2ca9ed1 Fixed completion of PropagatorWrapperBlock
74b3784 Removed nonsensical call that didn't actually do anything
3701094 No need to start new Task if there is only one item in the queue
53cfcfa Some tests need more time
3233cb6 Work around issue with old NUnit and comparing collections
157a7e4 Don't cancel unstarted Tasks on cancellation
3d1fdc2 Fixed unit test to work with old NUnit
6033bab Handle consumeToAccept with MaxNumberOfGroups correctly
a05897b Store multiple exceptions in Completion correctly
c0eae46 Added test for MaxMessages with BroadcastBlock
8e6723b consumeToAccept shouldn't reserve
a51689a Make sure cancellation behaves the same as faulting wrt output queue
c5a7eec Implemented execution block ctors for async actions
f5aa9b1 Implemented NullTarget()
4fab5db Fixed declaration differences
d279ba4 Made block interfaces variant
83ee01d Fixed race condition in OfferMessage()
e8c29f0 Check key for null in ConcurrentDictionary
bb1d630 Forgot to use AssertEx
deaddfa Added forgotten files to sources
d917d2f Throw the correct exception if Receive() is cancelled
956fe3e Check for null target in ConsumeMessage()
b42d1d2 Only reserved can be consumed after fault
edca016 Didn't check for null target in LinkTo() with predicate
d8a84d0 Implemented OutputAvailableAsync()
6dc84ba Implemented LinkTo() with predicate
e09671a Fixed sending from WriteOnceBlock
1b75b73 Fixed sending from BroadcastBlock
0488ece Corrected Receive() and ReceiveAsync()
efa8ac1 Valid header can't have id 0
460864b Implemented SendAsync()
37cdae3 Release postponed messages after Complete()
6282796 ReleaseReservation() means the message is no longer postponed
f0513a7 Handle completion correctly in Receive()
d7f2593 new CancellationTokenRegistration().Dispose() shouldn't throw
2742f4f Verify arguments in public methods
1789aca Negative header ids should be valid
c005de6 Made tests compatible with NUnit 2.4
7a0de2d Added support for MaxNumberOfGroups
f9d6665 Fixed completion of JoinTargets
70eb160 No need to use .Net 4.5-specific methods
24f9b37 Fixed tests, so that they work under MS .Net
32564db Fixed bug in unit test
f44e47b Don't start new tasks after fault
333f882 More fixing of Linux build
37f5640 Don't use InternalsVisibleTo for testing
70dd858 Fixed non-greedy blocks with BoundedCapacity
5a11751 Replaced Volatile.Write() with the volatile modifier
8f537c6 Test TriggerBatch() when the block is empty
25069df Added missing files to .sources
c5f365a Added support for Greedy
f2a8e7e Added support for PropagateCompletion
b7d32ce Added support for MaxMessages
8569907 Fixed bug in unit test
2f92f56 Added support for BoundedCapacity
d7dece9 Corrected sending messages to targets in most blocks
b36e2b3 Added support for TaskScheduler
590a65e Post() after fault should return false
746c068 Corrected handling of exceptions
480b231 Handle null results in TransformManyBlock correctly
42aecba Exceptions during execution cause the block to fault
c463b7b Fixed MaxDegreeOfParallelism, added support for MaxMessagesPerTask
f28b290 Added support for cancallation to all blocks
53859bd Added support for NameFormat to all blocks
07848dd Unit test for deadlock that was in JoinBlock
350a250 Added BatchedJoinBlock`3
3acedb6 Implemented BatchedJoinBlock
23b9f53 Remove "optimization" that could cause a deadlock
8d404cd Fixed deadlock in JoinBlock by using a lock
4704bd2 Refactored code related to JoinTarget
227f574 Fixed infinite recursion in BatchBlock.TryReceive
6a1e299 Merge pull request #428 from paszczi/master
7556056 Avoid a crash in SET_KEEPALIVE if the socket transport is not
b8eb131 Fix g_strsplit() when delimiter at end-of-string and at max_count.
8af1fc0 [System.Xml.Linq] Add error checking to the XElement constructors
811deca Searching for an attributes in probing mode should not report
errors for other attributes. Fixes #6529
d52e1e2 Fix best params candidate rules for overloads with non-default
arguments. Fixes #6541
2e7da2d Inline AM_COND_IF for configure to work with ancient aclocal
dca17e1 Free the newly added assembly->remapped_tokens hashtable.
4ace738 Free the newly added assembly->remapped_tokens hashtable.
c86b5ce Handle ConstructorBuilders in fixup_cattrs () correctly. Fixes
#689533 (nemerle build).
1ecb614 Merge pull request #430 from Nican/master
05f783b Fixed incorrect line spacing
74a9f9b When enabling security with "mono_security_enable_core_clr" on a
Windows machine, it causes an infinite recession when calling
dc7f219 Emit AOT line number information on osx/ios too.
a40444b Revert 4e5e52a29818b5342ec3b9f0b51c74970765c071, which was pull
request 242, which was novell bugzilla #689533
910a51d Merge pull request #429 from penberg/fixes/typo-in-mini-amd64
a2efbab Fix code indentation and formatting
0d262a3 Fix 'caller saved' typo in mono_arch_allocate_vars()
2d04374 Some gcc versions ICE when inlining code using computed gotos.
f449907 Sprinkle some inlining annotations magic to bring performance back
to the 2.10 levels.
103ba0f Give the minor copy functions different names under for each minor
collector to make profilers (Intruments) happy.
8b4f8c9 Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException in
HttpListenerManager.TryDequeueRequest when timeout is less than 0
198ccdc Fix monolite bootstrap
d04e624 Merge pull request #427 from knittl/toolstrip-dispose
ae88b28 Merge pull request #426 from knittl/preferredwidth-minimumwidth
92c07f5 Return at least MinimumWidth instead of 0 in GetPreferredWidth
427f608 Do not calculate autosize of ToolStripItem when owner gets set to
0b3a148 Properly dispose ToolStrip objects and child objects
44e3b45 Don't try to create fast property getters of properties of open
types. Fixes #6034.
06d423f Implement batched method invokes in sdb.
2c2f569 Add test cases from #6510
3363b13 Pass SSL certificate chain, not just collection, to Mono.Android.dll
ac3c859 Don't build Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter for monotouch (it
cannot be used)
5be27fc Allow configure mono with any profile to be disabled
b1326a3 Update to the latest IKVM.Reflection
43d5e75 Revert "Fixes 4010. After working with Microsoft SQL Server experts
it turns out we were able to drive so many packets to the server we were
causing it grief. By increasing the packet level size this problem
8bdf16d Remove NET_2_0
566b86d Revert "Don't use scheme if not an absolute URI"
8107d3e Fix a memory leak in the sdb connection code.
f032fe8 Fix a warning.
aa1c098 Merge pull request #408 from strawd/master
64773d7 Fix a DNS test.
ba2910d Avoid a fixed port number in a test.
57fb542 Wrap potential exceptions (like #6425 NRE) inside an (expected)
e2f1b03 Merge pull request #414 from sesef/datagrid
4017790 Merge pull request #422 from ianbattersby/bz6389-InvalidSwitch
e4bf05e Fix failing test
e888078 Merge pull request #425 from enricosada/bug5230
0808b9b Merge pull request #424 from enricosada/bug290
3331041 add QueryStringConverter String <-> Enum
d778e34 ServiceHost.Open should throw InvalidOperationException if service
contract has zero operations
7bc2f96 Bump version number to 2.11.4
8c26404 Fixes 4010. After working with Microsoft SQL Server experts it
turns out we were able to drive so many packets to the server we were
causing it grief. By increasing the packet level size this problem
74f598c [Sqlite] Rework type mapping between sqllite and .net using
sqlite's substring matching. Hopefully this will fix #5577 for good.
cbcc4e7 Fix for bz6389 - Absolute paths to project files cause error:
'MSBUILD0001: Unknown switch'
50d7a73 https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3125
cf497bf Don't use scheme if not an absolute URI
2d42054 Async reads no longer return -1 read byte count
4550a36 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
223a33b Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
3b8dba7 TimeSpan.MaxValue comparison fails after recursing

Thank you all!

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