[Mono-dev] Basic question

Fasiuddin Mohammed ambitiouscoder at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 01:09:12 UTC 2012

  I am just getting started to contribute to Mono. I was reading all the
guidelines for contributing and I came across the below statements.

   - If you have looked at Microsoft's proprietary implementation of .NET
   or their shared source code (which is also proprietary), you will not be
   able to contribute to Mono. If you would like to contribute in this area,
   be careful to not look into them in Visual Studio debugging experience.

   - In general, be careful when you are implementing free software and you
   have access to proprietary code. We need to make sure that we are not using
   someone else's copyrighted code accidentally.

   - Do not use the *ildasm*, *reflector* or other equivalent tools program
   to disassemble proprietary code when you are planning to reimplement a
   class for Mono. If you have done this, we will not be able to use your

   - Please stick to published documentation for implementing any classes;
   when in doubt, post to the mailing list and discuss the possible approaches
   with others.

 I got this stupid question in my mind, even though i strictly follow what
is being mentioned above, there is a 100% probability that I may end up
developing something which is exactly the same as Microsoft has developed.
So will that cause a problem? Also the last statement mentions that
published documentation should be referred before implementation, so does
it mean published documentation by Microsoft or by Mono. if it is the
latter, then the documentation by Mono does not contain the information
that i am looking for. In that case how should I proceed?

I am not ranting about anything here and I apologize if I sounded like
that. I am just getting started and want to help in the right way. I am
pretty sure you all can guide me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading my email.

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