[Mono-dev] GSoC projects interests

Štěpán Šindelář me at stevesindelar.cz
Mon Mar 26 19:39:11 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

I am a graduate student from Czech Republic, currently studying at
Durham University in England. I have been developing various
applications in C# for 5 years now. I was using Mono Cecil in my
bachelor thesis extensively and I am the author of Graphviz4Net [1]:
open source WPF component for rendering interactive graphs using
GraphViz and a parser for the DOT format.

I would like to take part in Mono Google Summer of Code for the first
time and projects that I am interested in are:

- Improve Mono implementation of Reactive Extensions
- New rules for Gendarme (I have already asked about it in Gendarme
mailing list)
- QT# Bindings with CXXI (I am aware that I am not the first one
willing to do this one)

I would like to ask the following: there is a large pull request to
CXXI on github, is it planned to be merged into the master branch and
used as a starting point for the GSoC project?

Steves (Stepan Sindelar)

[1] graphviz4net.codeplex.com

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