[Mono-dev] Mono/C# for Apache

Lee Fisher blibbet at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 19:23:07 EDT 2011

On 6/9/11 6:34 AM, g4 at novadsp.com wrote:
 > [...] I would sorely like to get Mono and Apache 2 playing nice. [...]

Besides mod_haydn (which AFAIK is unmaintained by Sterling), I presume 
you know about mod_mono, in case the ASP.NET-centric scope of this can 
help you.

There is also the [L]GPL-licensed AprSharp, which might suit your needs. 
 From what I recall, there were two forks of this AprSharp codebase. I 
think PumaCode's bits were newer, but the site is down for (at least for 
me). I think OpenSimulator uses the pumacode AprSharp, so perhaps their 
project has a snapshot of this extern lib.

I forget, but CollabNet's SvnSharp might wrap a subset of APR, enough 
for Svn to work. So perhaps that might be another option.


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