[Mono-dev] Mono's future

Rodrigo Kumpera kumpera at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 15:56:20 EDT 2011

2011/7/6 Απόστολος Συρόπουλος <asyropoulos123 at hotmail.com>

>  > It's a matter of priorities. You don't spend too much time on something
> with
> > 2 users. And you don't mind too much if there is no Mono for Oric. But if
> > you want to submit patches related to other platforms or OSes, just ask
> for
> > them to get reviewed.
> >
> > On a side note, iOS is not OSX, and it's getting a lot of attention. So
> it's
> > at least a holy foursome, or something.
> >
> First of all please do not top-post! Second when I talked about other OSes
> I meant
> BSDs and Solaris. Third if you care about iOS, you should care about
> android.

BSDs have great community support been actively maintained - it's unfair to
say it otherwise.

Solaris remains a dying unix that it's becoming increasingly irrelevant. The
Plastic guys did
a lot of contributions for it as I believe they support their product
running under it.

We had patches submitted, reviewed and accepted even for further
non-mainstream OS like Haiku.

So, if one cares about something, simply make a pull request and the
maintainers will do their best
to review and commit.
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