[Mono-dev] windows build of a mono embedded app [part 2]

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Dec 19 14:59:14 EST 2011

On 19.12.2011 18:49, Jonathan Shore wrote:
> This successfully creates a dll.   The problem is that when trying to load this dll into R, complains that cannot find libmono-2.0.    As I do most of my work on OSX and Linux, have not yet determined what governs the DLL search path.    Also, libmono-2.0.dll.a does not appear to be a traditional dll, so suspect this is a loading mechanism specific to MinGW compiled DLLs.

Please post the exact error message.

> Questions:
> - what windows libraries and/or options do I need to add to the MinGW g++ link line to resolve dependencies for the static library

Again, the static libmono is unsupported under Windows.

> - if static not advisable, what can I do to avoid the problem where libmono -2.0 is not found?

Make sure that "mono-2.dll" is in the same directory (or somewhere on 
the PATH).


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