[Mono-dev] windows build of a mono embedded app [part 2]

Jonathan Shore jonathan.shore at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 12:49:47 EST 2011

So I got around some compilation issues (thanks Robert) in building an embedded mono application on windows.   I resolved my build issues by explicitly using MinGW g++ as opposed to cygwin's.   Although cygwin g++ appears to be some variant of MinGW, was not able to get it to work.   Moving to MinGW was easy enough.

The application presents itself as a DLL which is then loaded into R.  The ultimate linkage looks like:

c:/MinGW/bin/g++.exe -shared -s -static-libgcc -m32 CSObject.o RDebug.o RUtils.o RWrap.o ToC.o ToCLR.o ToR.o -o rDotNet.dll -Wl,-headerpad_max_install_names  -Lc:/Dev/hf/src/Libraries/CApi/bin/Debug  -Lc:/Dev/hf/src/Libraries/CApi/lib/win32  -lCApi -lmono-2.0 -lm  "-Lc:/Program Files/R/R-2.14.0/bin/i386" -lR

This successfully creates a dll.   The problem is that when trying to load this dll into R, complains that cannot find libmono-2.0.    As I do most of my work on OSX and Linux, have not yet determined what governs the DLL search path.    Also, libmono-2.0.dll.a does not appear to be a traditional dll, so suspect this is a loading mechanism specific to MinGW compiled DLLs.

In any case, I tried another approach of linking against libmono-2.0.a, rather than the shared-lib.   This resulted in a list of unmatched symbols from the windows core API and socket libraries. 


- what windows libraries and/or options do I need to add to the MinGW g++ link line to resolve dependencies for the static library
- if static not advisable, what can I do to avoid the problem where libmono -2.0 is not found?


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