[Mono-dev] Implementing a managed monodis using Cecil

Chris Seaton chris at chrisseaton.com
Fri Apr 1 05:43:40 EDT 2011

I saw on the list of Mono GSOC project ideas that monodis has not yet been reimplemented using Cecil. I'm not a student and I'm not looking to apply for GSOC, but I am looking for a worthwhile project for the next few months and I think I could be ideal to take this on.

My master's thesis involved implementing a language using Mono so I have experience of CIL and the Mono framework. What I don't have is any idea of your community processes and conventions so I might need some steering for that.

I think from the project description we are looking for a simple reimplementation of monodis - to keep all of the options and output the same. Is anyone aware of any previous projects to implement monodis using Cecil? Is there anyone that I should talk to regarding this? Or should I just fork on GitHub and get cracking?


Chris Seaton

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