[Mono-dev] Mono 2.8.1 Fedora build script

Ernesto equistango at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 18:25:01 EST 2010

Hi. I just wrote a script that builds and installs Mono 2.8.1 and 
MonoDevelop 2.4.1 on Fedora 14. It's inspired on the script on this page:


It will install on /opt/mono-2.8.1, so a parallel mono environment 
should be possible (not tested). It's not a complete mono install, but 
it's very easy to add components.

I don't have a blog or something, so I'll post it here. Please use ti, 
port it, fix it, contribute, or distribute if you like. An Ubuntu 10.10 
port should be very easy.

Here's the readme:
* It's better if you remove the Fedora Mono 2.6 install first. The 
script will bootstrap a new install.
* A sample in gnome-sharp is broken, because it requires 
Mono.GetOptions. So the script will patch the configure script to omit 
that part.
* A sample in gtksourceview fails to build (at least on my system), so 
the script will patch the Makefile to omit all samples in this package.
* The script will build both gtksourceview-sharp-2 and 
gtksourceview2-sharp, because I don't which one it should build.
* The pre-requisites are not fine-tuned. The script might install some 
unnecessary devel lib.
* Must be run as root, because the use of of yum install and make install
* Once you have built it, close the terminal and open a new one to use 
it (because of the environment variables).


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