[Mono-dev] xbuild - ** ERROR **: shm_semaphores_init: semget error: No space left on device.

Oskar Berggren oskar.berggren at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 13:48:25 EST 2010

The release notes have some info


2010/11/12 Arne Claassen <arnec at mindtouch.com>:
> Sounds like i just need to build 2.8, since more and more things i run
> into seem to be taken care of in 2.8.
> This is going off-topic, but it's something that I haven't gotten a
> handle on yet with mono release process:
> Is 2.8 the new stable or still in flux? If it's stable, when might
> there be rpms or at least an RPM spec.
> Basically, I don't want to build from source for every server i set up
> and I want to make sure every server runs identical code. This is why
> I've been sticking with 2.6.x, assuming it's still the stable and
> fixes would still trickle into it. Is that not correct?
> If I can help with building or testing RPMs and their specs for 2.8,
> let me know, I know that there's always tons to do and too few people
> available to do it.
> thanks,
> Arne Claassen
> MindTouch
> San Diego, CA
> http://twitter.com/sdether
> On Nov 12, 2010, at 10:10 AM, Robert Jordan wrote:
>> On 12.11.2010 19:06, Arne Claassen wrote:
>>> I can try that. But more importantly, I'd like to learn more about
>>> about semaphore usage.
>> Their usage has been faded out in 2.8.
>>> I'm just wildly speculating, but i assume it sets up a new one for
>>> IPC
>>> when an application gets compiled into a new appdomain by ASP.NET
>>> when
>>> it detects code changes. But shouldn't those semaphores get released
>>> when the old appdomain gets unloaded? Is this a sign of appdomains
>>> not
>>> being unloaded or just not cleaning up their semaphores? And
>>> shouldn't
>>> they all get released regardless when the mod_mono processes gets
>>> shut
>>> down?
>>> Would love to get more insight into what's happening, but don't
>>> really
>>> know where to start.
>> Have a look at mono/io-layer/, but, as I wrote, they are not
>> enabled by default anymore.
>> Robert
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