[Mono-dev] xbuild - ** ERROR **: shm_semaphores_init: semget error: No space left on device.

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Nov 12 13:10:59 EST 2010

On 12.11.2010 19:06, Arne Claassen wrote:
> I can try that. But more importantly, I'd like to learn more about
> about semaphore usage.

Their usage has been faded out in 2.8.

> I'm just wildly speculating, but i assume it sets up a new one for IPC
> when an application gets compiled into a new appdomain by ASP.NET when
> it detects code changes. But shouldn't those semaphores get released
> when the old appdomain gets unloaded? Is this a sign of appdomains not
> being unloaded or just not cleaning up their semaphores? And shouldn't
> they all get released regardless when the mod_mono processes gets shut
> down?
> Would love to get more insight into what's happening, but don't really
> know where to start.

Have a look at mono/io-layer/, but, as I wrote, they are not
enabled by default anymore.


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